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Lisa Podnar



Bachelors Degree

Wayne State University

  • Graduated with a 3.95 GPA

  • Summa Cum Laude

  • Wayne Dyer Endowed Scholar


 Fenton School of Dance and Academy

  • Engages students of ages 6 to adult in summer and fall sessions

  • Demonstrates knowledge of ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary styles

  • Construct lesson plans that integrate injury prevention practices and proper technique

  • Utilizes AVS audio editor to cut music to appropriate length and content.

  • Manages dress rehearsals to provide students a safe and engaging performance experience

 Redford Dance

  • Teaches ages 6 to adult dance routines for summer and fall sessions

  • Choreographs solos and duets for competitive dancers

  • Creates competitive tap, lyrical, contemporary, and jazz routines

  • Leads students as Head Ballet and Tap Instructor to ensure a quality learning space

  • Combines knowledge of anatomy, terminology, and technique to educate students on various dance styles

 The Dance Academy

  • Cultivated the ballet program as Head Instructor by emphasizing inclusivity and artistic expression

  • Educated ages 6 and up in tap, jazz, and contemporary

  • Developed video creations for recital backdrops and show themes to create an appealing visual impact

 Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Service customers by providing educated suggested sales resulting in purchase

  • Handle cash and card transactions along with returns or exchanges

  • Assists guests with store inquires and help them efficiently acquire their needs

  • Utilizes computer system for inventory, in- store damages, and purchases

  • Provide consultation-based assistance on registry creations, including in-store tours, to improve guest experiences

Sept 2020-present
Dance Instructor
Oct 2020-present
Dance Instructor
Sept 2014-July 2021
Dance Instructor


July 2019-present
Sales Associate
Cecchetti Certification
Progressing Ballet Technique Certified
AZ Dance Medicine Certified
First Aid Certified
Acrobatic Arts Certified

• Hold teacher’s Cecchetti Grade 1 and 2 Exam

• Became a member of Eastern Michigan Committee Spring 2016

• Volunteered at Cecchetti Council of America Summer School in Hope College 2016

• Learned how to integrate Progressing Ballet exercises into ballet technique

• Utilized yoga blocks, yoga balls, and therabands in instruction

• Certified in all levels of AZ Dance Medicine

• Learned how to screen students and build conditioning programs 

• Identify if a student has a potential injury and what proper steps to take  

• Conducted CPR and AED training on infants and adults 

• Learned the proper use of an epipen and detect signs of a stroke 

• Completed all additional training required for certification 

• Spotted dancers with tricky acrobatic movements 

• Utilized anatomy and imagery to reinforce instruction

• Passed certification examination

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