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About Me

Lisa Podnar is alumni of Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dance Education. Throughout her experience at Wayne State, Lisa has done performances under Adesola Akinleye and Marc Arthur. While studying at Wayne State, she has also received certifications with organizations such as the Cecchetti Council of America, Progressing Ballet Technique, and Acrobatic Arts to aid her students she has taught in the studio setting for about 5 years. She hopes to continue her education outside of her college experiences and develop as both an artist and instructor.

Lisa is passionate about injury prevention techniques and building fitness programs to ensure her dancer’s longevity if they choose an athletic lifestyle. Over the course of her time spent at Wayne State University, she has contacted Dr. Alexis Sams PT, a dance medicine specialist, on suggestions and training techniques to work with dancers. She has also taken the certifications required to pass all levels of injury prevention and conditioning. Along with learning a physical therapist’s techniques, Lisa has taken Pilates classes and hopes to receive her mat certification.

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My Story

When I was 14, my partner and I attempted to do a Grease Lightning Back Flip Roll that turned out wrong. The person accidentally dropped me on my back and my muscles instantly started to seize up from the pain. Although my teachers and classmates tried to get me back on my feet, I had a hard time raising my arms above my head. I took multiple trips to the doctors and physical therapists to regain my flexibility and ease the constant throbbing pain. Unfortunately, no one was able to give me the tools I needed to heal and dance safely.

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From that day forward, I vowed to become a teacher that would constantly educate myself by obtaining the latest certifications, articulate anatomical structures to my students, and above all emphasize injury prevention in my classroom. I want my students to enjoy long careers in whatever field they choose and not needlessly endure the pain I did. My student’s safety is extremely important to me and I will always take extra measures to ensure they are protected.  

How I Teach to All Learners

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Students have to consistently adjust their formations in class and adjust their spacing in any environment.

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Whenever I hold class, dancers must be able to count music and subdivide harder rhythms.

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My students have to memorize the combinations given to them and relay foreign terminology, such as French.

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For group choregraphy, students must be able to communicate constructive criticism and compliment members.

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Groups in my class are challenged with noticing similar movement patterns among each other.

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Through self reflective exercises and prompts made by me in class, students develop awareness of their bodies and how they feel.

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