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Kinetic Dance Lab

Kinetic Dance Lab is an integrated conditioning and anatomy program designated to specifically help you and your students

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First Free Session

  • Articulate your goals

  • Receive step by step training

  • Works within your schedule

  • Includes latest certification training

Studio Session

  • Conditioning exercises for your dancers

  • Integrated anatomy knowledge

  • Obtain injury prevention plans 

  • Receive a workout program that can be continued past session

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First private 30-minute individual session: Free


Individual sessions (Zoom or in-person): $70 


Studio 90 minute Summer group sessions (Zoom or in-person): starting at $300 


Using principles from my previous certifications, I am able to anatomically assess dancers and give them the best regimen for training. 

How to Sign Up

Keyboard and Mouse
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Click the icon to fill out a short PDF document survey on what your dancers need to work on

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How it works

  1. Before meeting: Fill out survey that meets needs of your studio

  2. Have a conference Zoom or phone call with me

  3. I come into studio as scheduled for the hour private session or 90 minute studio session

  4. I develop a plan of action to help to improve you or your student's movement patterns

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Zoom/Phone Call

Within 24 hours, I will send a response to schedule a meeting about pricing, dates of my arrival, and answer any questions inquiring my appointment

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