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Lisa Podnar

Dance Educator and Instructor

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Lisa Podnar

Educating dancers with the integration of anatomy, technique, & artistic expression in the Metro Detroit area

(313) 912-0027

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With a background in anatomy, education, and multiple styles of dance, I provide a unique teaching experience to accommodate to my dancer’s needs. Every person has the potential to pursue their dreams and it just takes the right educator to believe in them. This is my mission and here is what I have to offer! 

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Lisa believed in me at times where I didn’t even believe in myself. She always took the time to work with me when needed and genuinely always wants the best for me. Lisa has always recognized my work ethic and appreciated it. Lisa made me feel seen, important, and special.

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Lisa has impacted me greatly as a teacher. There's ways she impacted me that I didn't even realize until legitimately, yesterday. She has taught me everything I know about how to break things down for students who need it a little slower

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Lisa puts her students and their learning before anything else. She adapts her lessons to what the dancers need and loves watching them grow as artists and as people...She incorporates her musical abilities, her passion for anatomy & injury prevention and an evolving artistic pedagogy into everything she does! Lisa never stops trying to improve and I love that about her!

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